Dreamcatcher Yurt Home by Eagle Log Cabins

Yurts originated among the nomadic people of ancient Mongolia. For millennia, these round structures generally have higher snow loads and wind ratings than their rectangular counterparts and create open, communal spaces. The Dreamcatcher Yurt Home by Eagle Log Cabins allows yurt enthusiasts to live in a yurt-inspired home that is compatible with even the strictest building codes in the USA.

Dreamcatcher Exterior Rendering.png

Dreamcatcher Kit- Starting at $74,000

  • Approximately 1200 square feet
  • Features a single bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living area on the main floor with a 400 square foot loft
  • Spiral staircase
  • Kit does not include foundation, roofing material, or insulation
Dreamcatcher First Floor Rendering.png


The Dreamcatcher features oversized 28mm flooring and 19mm tongue and groove walls. The total wall thickness can be adjusted to allow for varying amounts of insulation to meet different energy codes.

Dreamcatcher Loft Rendering.png

Floor plans

The Dreamcatcher's standard configuration features a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living area, wood stove niche, and 500 square foot loft for extra sleeping space and living room. Floor plans can be customized to fit specific needs, and accessory structures can even be connected to the main Dreamcatcher building.